One Winter Wedding

Title:One Winter Wedding
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :26:00
Genre:Drama, Romance
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Seattle-based Ben Livingston, CEO of Charmed, a successful snowboarding equipment manufacturer, and mystery novelist Cara Reneau, the second in her planned and thus far acclaimed trilogy having just been released, are planning on a Rome destination wedding, but one scheduling issue in their respective extremely busy professional lives after another seems to derail any plans they may make. So they decide, almost simultaneously at the last minute, to hold a wedding in ten days where it all began, Clara Lake ski resort, where they met, fell in love and got engaged. While the third in their foursome, Megan Marquand, Cara’s best friend, is available not only for her duty of maid of honor but also as wedding planner, the fourth, Sean, Ben’s physician best friend, can’t being stationed overseas for a non-profit, with Ben’s younger sister, Zoey Livingston, filling in as best friend and best “woman” for Ben. Sean, however, does have his own plans as approximately one year behind Ben and Cara …

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