Love in Whitbrooke

Title:Love in Whitbrooke
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :28:00
Genre:Action, Romance
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Amber Verdon loves the global travel aspect of her job as Project Manager with Chicago-based Marsh Technologies, her work which has led to her putting her first love, painting, on the back-burner, perhaps permanently. Her original career thought was to do that travel while she led the bohemian life of the painter. While mulling over a very attractive offer for a promotion which would give her a more settled life in London, Amber is called back to her small hometown of Whitbrooke Harbor, Illinois by her mother, Barbara Verdon, as her father, Rick Verdon, is currently laid up, and she requires some help for a few days at the family café, despite the culinary arts not being among Amber’s skill set. It is an especially busy time in Whitbrooke Harbor with planning for the imminent Founder Days celebrations, this the one-hundredth anniversary, Amber who plans to stay until Founder’s Day. While back in Whitbrooke Harbor, Amber learns that the family is facing financial hardship with their …

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