[IT] Lea

Title:[IT] Lea
Release:2015 [ITALIAN]
Language:Italian 2.0
Runtime:1 :36:00
Genre:Biography, Drama
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When I saw this tremendous TV picture from Italy, I could not prevent myself to think about another Italian crime flick from the seventies and directed by the late and great Damiano Damiani – a film called La MOGLIE PIU BELLA – which told a very similar story, the fight between a lonely woman and the mafia. A hopeless fight, as you may guess. I have already said that no better than the Italians can tell such stories, so close to reality and so far from the Hollywood predictable juicy crap. It is so shame that this film has not been better released in my country, but it has been and that’s a performance as an Italian TV movie. Italian features are not widely shown, modern movies I mean, not the oldies. I wish you will see it too.

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