[IT] Ferro

Title:[IT] Ferro
Release:2020 [ITALIAN]
Language:Italian 2.0
Runtime:1 :16:00
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Tiziano Ferro is always able to amaze his fans. He has always been a generous artist and now, after turning 40, thanks to this exclusive documentary, he is ready to show everyone a new important chapter of his life. In twenty years of his extraordinary career, with millions of records sold and many worldwide tours under his belt, his personal life and struggles have also been in the spotlight, from his weight problems to his decision to come out at the peak of his success. He has become a positive inspiration not only as a musician, but also as a man. During this journey we will explore Tiziano’s life, travelling with him through the cities that represent him the most: Milan, Los Angeles and his hometown Latina. We will experience what it means to come from a small town and become an international star, a job that you never really get used to. With never before seen footage from his wedding, the launch of his new album, and intimate moments from his private life, this is an emotional …

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