[HI] Parinda

Title:[HI] Parinda
Release:1989 [HINDI]
Language:Hindi 2.0
Runtime:2 :34:00
Genre:Action, Crime
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Brothers Kishan and Karan grow up on the streets of Bombay.Kishan joins hands with criminal Anna to give better education to Karan. Inspector Prakash friend of Karan knows about Anna’s activities but doesn’t have proof to arrest him he is killed in front of Karan.Prakash’s sister Paro childhood love of Karan believes that he was responsible for her brothers death. Anna’s former aide informs that Prakash was killed bye Anna and he is the boss of Kishan.Paro and Karan then revisit their love and Karan decides to testify against Anna and his men but is warned by Kishan as he might be attacked.

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