Hello I Must Be Going

Title:Hello I Must Be Going
Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
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Following the break-up with and imminent divorce from her entertainment lawyer husband David, thirty-something Amy moves back in with her upper middle class parents Ruth and Stan Minsky in Westport, Connecticut. David asked for the divorce following an affair he had with who Amy considered a friend. Knowledge of the affair and David asking for the divorce came out of left field for Amy, who thought she had the perfect marriage. In her surprise and shock about David, she left David basically with the clothes on her back, and has not asked for anything in the divorce settlement. Three months later, she is still in a depressed state, not leaving the house and not knowing what to do with her life. She has no real job experience, has only a liberal arts degree, and abandoned her Master's degree studies in Photography to marry David. She believes her parents have mixed feelings about her return. Although they have both welcomed her back, she believes Ruth is critical not so much about what …

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