[ES] Guns of Nevada

Title:[ES] Guns of Nevada
Release:1965 [SPANISH]
Language:Spanish 2.0
Runtime:1 :31:00
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Iberian/Italian Oater Western middlingly shot in Catalunya by Ignacio F Iquino , I.F.I . This stirring tortilla Western packs thrills , shootouts , fights , noisy action , and riding pursuits . Adding an atmospheric musical score by Enrique Escobar , Iquino’s ordinary , including agreeable songs . And being mostly filmed in atmospheric and mountainous scenarios on location in Fraga , (Huesca) , similar to Almeria , and a Western village located in ¨Splugues De Llobregat¨ . It is full of familiar faces , assaults , betrayal , exaggerated characters , gun-down , lots of shots , brawls and including habitual secondaries of Spaghetti/Paella Western . It stars Joe Dexter (George Martin) , a famous gunslinger , nicknamed Oeste Nevada Joe , as he arrives in the little town called ¨Golden City¨, a miner town and a dangerous location in which John Randolph (Miguel De La Riva) imposes one ‘s authority on the frightening citizens and with only opposition of the head of a ranch , Julia Brooks (Adriana Ambesi) . As Dexter helps her to free herself of the despotic individual who exacts his own law , as Julia hires him as her ranch ramdod . Meanwhile , Dexter falls for two beautiful heroines a saloon gal and owner Mary Blue (recently deceased Katia Loritz ) and Julia Brooks .
This Spanish production filmed in Catalunya contains action , crossfire , drama , treason , high body-count and it’s fast moving , being little entertaining and approaching increasingly the American as well as Spaghetti style , but keeping some details that make it special in this particular Paella genre . The picture results to be entertainingly ordinary , but does not allow for the usual subtexts and undercurrents to develop that can make these flicks . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some shoot’em up or stunts every few minutes . It’s an exciting western with a subtle loving triangle behind , among George Martin ,Katia Loritz and Adriana Ambesi . And developing a bloody and breathtaking showdown between the starring Jorge Martin and his main enemy , Miguel De La Riva . Starring a mediocre actor , though here giving an acceptable acting , Jorge , ¨George¨ , Martin , as a gunslinger that has been running from vengeful foes for years and vows revenge against villains . The film is well starred by a frequent Spaghetti star , the Spanish George Martin , who worked much for Alfonso Balcazar’s factory such as ¨Clint the strange¨, ¨The return the Clint¨, ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨, Thompson 1880¨ , ¨Taste of killing¨, ¨A pistol for Ringo and ¨The return of Ringo¨ . Support cast is formed by familiar faces from Spaghetti/Chorizo westerns as Cesar Ojinaga ,Gaspar ‘Indio’ González , Fernando Rubio , Giuseppe Addobbati or John MacDouglas as Doctor and brief intervention by Antonio Iranzo as a tough gunfighter . The picture professionally photographed by Giuseppe La Torre and Julio Pérez de Rozas , though is necessary a fine remastering because the film-copy is washed-out . Mostly filmed in sweeping scenarios on location in Fraga , Huesca , and a Western village located in ¨Splugues De Llobregat¨ built by Balcazar Productions , it resulted to be the location where were shot lots of Western produced and directed by Catalan people as Alfonso Balcazar , J.J. Balcazar , Jose Antonio De La Loma , Juan Bosch, Juan Xiol , Ignacio F. Iquino and Julio Buchs , among others , because Almeria was too far and the landscapes bear remarkable resemblance . There are many fine technicians and nice assistant direction and acceptable production design , creating a decent scenario . Very enjoyable musical score by Enrique Escobar , including catching songs at the beginning and the end .
And being regularly cinematographed in Eastmancolor/Techniscope , that’s why a perfect remastering is necessary . The motion picture was ordinarily produced/directed by prolific filmmaker Ignacio F. Iquino , who often uses pseudonym Steve McCoy . Iquino is considered to be one of the worst filmmakers of Spanish film history . He wrote , directed and produced lots of films by means of his production company : ¨I.F.I.¨ (IFISA) that financed lots of Westerns such as : ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨ , ¨Ninguno De Los Tres Llamaba Trinidad¨, ¨La Diligencia De Condenados¨, ¨Fabulosos De Trinidad¨, ¨20 Pasos a Muerte¨ , ¨Dólar a Fuego¨, ¨Abre Tu Fosa Llega Sabata¨ ,¨Un colt para 4 cirios¨, and ¨5 Pistolas De Texas¨ also titled ¨Cinque dollars per Ringo¨ (Italian title) or ¨5 rafales por Ringo . Most of them starred by Richard Harrison , Jorge Martin or George Martin , Luis Davila , Daniel Martin or Robert Woods . Iquino was a Spanish craftsman , writing and directing ; working from the 40s in all kind of genres and B movies until the late 80s . Although he also directed acceptable films as ¨Historia De Una Escalera¨ based on Antonio Buero Vallejo’s novel , ¨El Judas¨, ¨Angeles Al Volante¨, ¨Tambor Del Bruch¨ and ¨Brigada Criminal¨ at his best . ¨Oeste Nevada Joe¨ is no worthwhile watching , it is far from good, ; however ,it is the sort of movie that you can watch ironically, mock the insanity, and have a good time . Rating : 4.5/10 , being some moments briefly entertaining , though sometimes embarrassing .If you like Chorizo , Paella , Tortilla , Butifarra or Spaghetti westerns , this one remains a little watchable in the final action scenes .

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