100 Days to Live

Title:100 Days to Live
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :27:00
Genre:Crime, Thriller
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Haunted by the tragic death of her mother, Rebecca Church (Heidi Johanningmeier, Fox’s Proven Innocent) has dedicated her life to the mental health profession. Recently engaged to Gabriel Weeks (Colin Egglesfield, TNT’s Rizzoli and Isles), a handsome and successful options trader, Rebecca finally seems happy. But when her fiancé suddenly disappears, leaving behind a chilling photo album with “Gabriel Was Saved” on the cover, Rebecca learns he was abducted by a serial killer dubbed “The Savior,” who stalks his victims for 100 days before killing them. Rebecca must work with detectives Jack Byers (Yancey Arias, USA’s Queen of the South) and Greg Neese (Chris Johnson, ABC’s Betrayal) in a race against the clock once she discovers The Savior is a former colleague named Victor Quinn (Gideon Emery, Netflix’s Scream: The TV Series), whom she thought had committed suicide.

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