The New Centurions

Title : The New Centurions
Release : 1972
Language : English 2.0
Runtime : 1 :43:00
Genre : Action, Crime
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A group of new police recruits takes to patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. Roy Fehler is a law student with a family and has joined the LAPD until he can complete his degree. He’s partnered with veteran patrolman Kilvinski and they soon develop a good rapport. On the street the policemen are exposed to the seedier side of life but Kilvinski is a fair cop and a good teacher. Over time however, Fehler comes to love the work and both his family and his studies fall by the wayside. Kilvinsky retires and Fehler loses his way, drinking heavily. Fehler’s wife leaves him and he soon hits bottom. Just as he begins to get his life in order, fate intervenes. —garykmcd

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Charles Horvath,

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