The Housewife and the Hustler

Title:The Housewife and the Hustler
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :9:00
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1st-this podcast host, Danielle? What a horrible human being. I don’t know what her deal is, but her alignment with Erica (or whatever her name is) is apparent and ‘protecting’ her is just gross.2nd-claiming Erica was some ‘young, hot’ singer? Just NO. She was old and looked like a pancake spackle with plaster. She had zero talent and was funded completely by her husband.3rd-STOP MAKING SUNNY HOSTERT RELEVANT! She’s a gossip columnist with a law degree AT BEST. She’s not injecting legalese, she’s injecting OPINION, and a severely slanted one, at that.4th-all of these people, the ‘real housewives’ included, are garbage human beings. Anyone who willfully indulges these frauds as ‘celebrities’ needs to seek help- our standard for celebrity has fallen woefully into the gutter, and that ‘we’ elevate this trash to anything other than the care of a psychologist is disgusting.Erica was MARRIED to Tom, and to my understanding, California (a garbage dump of a state) has communal property, and as there was no prenuptial, they’re bound together by that law.The state of California bar association mucked this up horrendously, letting these VICTIMS swim in their debt despite numerous red flags being waved in their face; I sincerely hope the bar association is hauled into court along with Girardi and Erica. This is malpractice at the very least.Erica IS FIFTY YEARS OLD for sobbing out loud, not that cute, and every dime she’s making from that horrendous show needs to go to the victims.This entire show feels icky-I feel as if I need a shower to clean myself from this filth. It plays like a cheap gossip show with all these odd pauses for dramatic effect when there’s real people whose lives were absolutely destroyed, and then destroyed again by this malcontent and his vapid wife who had no issues with taking his unearned money for her nonsensical behavior.

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