[SV] Änglagård

Title:[SV] Änglagård
Release:1992 [SWEDISH]
Language:Swedish 2.0
Runtime:2 :2:00
Genre:Comedy, Drama
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A small village in Västergötland, Sweden. Everything is turned upside-down when the local loner dies and his mansion, called House of Angels, is inherited by his unknown grand-daughter Fanny. She comes riding on a big black motorcycle with her best friend Zac, wearing black leather and spikes. The farmer Axel Flogfält had expected that he would be able to buy the mansion for a good price, but now it seems that Fanny and Zac will stay there. The village is divided into two camps, one for and one against them.

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Woo-sik Choi,

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Per Oscarsson, Peter Andersson,

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