Saving Grace

Title:Saving Grace
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :34:00
Genre:Comedy, Crime
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A widow discovers after her husband’s suicide that he has mortgaged everything they own and the banks are ready to foreclose. Faced with impending doom and little working knowledge except her ability to grow plants, she struggles to save her home. Enter her gardener, who is struggling to make a few marijuana plants grow in a hidden location and suggests that she use her green house to help grow the plants and sell them to make the money both need. He is wanting to get married, but needs capital. What he doesn’t know is that his girl friend is pregnant and thus fears that they will be busted for growing marijuana. While supposedly working, the whole village is well aware of the endeavor and is hoping for their success. When the plants come in, Grace takes the crop to London and tries to sell it to a ruthless, but charming drug dealer. Everything busts loose from there.

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Steve Harvey,

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Brenda Blethyn, Tchéky Karyo, Bill Bailey, Craig Ferguson,

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