[FR] Omertà

Title:[FR] Omertà
Release:2012 [FRENCH]
Language:fre 2.0
Runtime:1 :46:00
Genre:Crime, Drama
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Based on a widely-acclaimed TV series by Luc Dionne himself, Omertà-The Movie is centered around the character of Pierre Gauthier, a cop specialized in organized crime. He’s now the head of Pulsar International, a high-level private security agency. One day, he’s called by Gilbert Tanguay, his former boss, to investigate on a conspiracy. Tanguay recruits Sophie, a former agent of the Canadian secret service, to infiltrate the Montreal underworld. Sophie must earn the trust of Sam Cohen and Steve Bélanger, two known associates of the Montreal Italian mafia. Both men are planning an ambitious heist involving the gold of all North-American central banks.

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Rachelle Lefevre, Andreas Apergis, Liliana Komorowska,

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